caught between nature child and fantasy city slicker.

I hate how everyone is going back to college. I hate how everything isn’t going as plan. I hate that I’m not going to the college I planned. I hate that it’s out of fear. 

Everything’s turning bad after it was so good.

I hate the season changing.

" Everything passes. Everything changes. Just do what you think you should do. "

Feeling really connected to the world today. I want to feel this way every day.

Does anyone has consistent pain on the upper inside of your thigh when you run? What do you do about it?

I try stretching it out, more yoga, more water..etc

" If fate is real, it worked. If it isn’t, it feels like it is. "

You will call me sweetheart
and I will still stumble over
good morning

I will want to know how many breaths you take after waking up
before you consider yourself alive

I will shiver when you touch me
do not be offended;
you are the warmest person I know.